About Electropaint Products

Electropaint Products (EPP) has been established alongside the stable of LEM Industries Ltd, who are a company designing and installing complete paint finishing plants, particularly specialising in Electropaint facilities where we have vast experience and expertise, to satisfy the needs of customers in the electropainting industry.

For many years we have been manufacturing and supplying our own brand of tubular anode cells with great success throughout the industry, alongside the supply of our own brand of UF membranes and have recently added our own brand of digitally controlled specialist DC rectifiers to our portfolio, all products complementing the electropainting process.

EPP anode cells are manufactured at our factory facility in Wombourne and are available in three standard diameter sizes, with the effective operational length to suit customers requirements and are fully tested prior to delivery.

EPP UF membranes technology, is based upon the origins of the spiral membrane element, developed many years ago for ultrafiltration of electropaint materials, the technology being responsible for the enhancement and improvement of electropainting, throughout the paint industry. Our UF membrane elements are suitable for use as direct replacements for most of the current industry suppliers of such elements in use today.

DC rectifiers designed by EPP have been developed by our engineers specifically for the electropainting process, using digitally controlled thyristers for DC voltage and current control. Each unit is PLC controlled and utilises touchscreen interfacing with remote access/networking via ethernet or serial communications as standard.

Our anodes producing cathodic electropainted products

We specialise in:

  • Anode Cells
  • UF Spiral Membranes
  • UF membrane rigs for a single unit as well as more sophisticated designed rigs for multiple units up to six and beyond
  • DC Transformer Rectifiers
  • Complete Electropainting Facilities

We also supply:

  • Anolyte systems complete
  • UF systems complete
  • process filtration systems and filter media
  • On site surveys on electropaint facilities for improvements and enhancement

Electropaint is also known as:

  • Electrocoat painting
  • Cathodic painting
  • CED painting
  • KTL painting
  • EP painting

Unit 2 Oak Park Industrial Estate
Oak lane
West Midlands

TEL: + 44 (0)1384 273740

EMAIL: info@electropaintproducts.co.uk